Is public health a good career? - Answer - Health, public health - nkonsonimages


Is public health a good career? - Answer - Health, public health - nkonsonimages

Is it worth pursuing a graduate degree in public health?

Consider carefully what you want out of your career. Public health is a broad field with many interesting career paths available, but definitely don’t go into it unless you’re passionate about the general field. As usual, the quantitative side of things (biostatistics, etc.) pays better than more policy-oriented positions, overall.

An undergradute public health degree isn’t at all useful in the job market (essentially all good positions are master’s-level), nor is it necessary for grad school admissions; I advise against it. In my opinion, the best synergies would be BS Biology / MPH Epidemiology for government public health positions and the environmental health side of things; BS Statistics / MPH Biostatistics for data analysis and similar; BA Political Science / MPH Health Policy for nonprofits and advocacy - please note these are all super broad categories, there are many alternate paths to the endpoints (my undergraduate degree is in philosophy), and this all presupposes that you’re committed to getting an MPH.

Are public health careers stable?

As important as public health is, I have to say that job security is shaky and the public health job market is extremely volatile. Most jobs in public health rely heavily on government funding. Jobs in the private sector are typically within NGOs that may receive government funding, but rely heavily on a constant flow of private donations.

Since it borrows from so many fields, yet most careers in public health don’t require a BPH or MPH, you’re up against competition from other bloated fields (like biology, chemistry and biomedical research.) While certain skills will increase your marketability (e.g. formal study in math and statistics or a RN, BSN, MD or certifications in allied health fields), there’s no guarantees. You could be exceptional at your job and do incredible work/research, only to lose it due to insufficient funding.

Is public health a good course..does it provide a promising career?

𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙤 Eric!

I would start with one fact that I learnt till now “Nothing is promising in this World not even our life.” But still, we don't need to get demotivated. Because there is another fact “ Whatever passion we have for, we have the capacity to make it shine.”

Now, coming to your question, public health is a course just like others and it demands hardwork, smart work, time, determination, and consistency as investment. When I say investment, it means you will get the results in the long term.

While I understand that students make very informed choices about career in today's world,which is good also, at the same time I feel worried that they ignore their passion and their actual potential, of what they are in possession of. Their decisions are based on mainly packages, which is neccessary but not the absolute thing, trust me.

I joined this field after my MBBS, and I know I'm going to live my best in this. So, I find it very promising. This is my case. It may vary from person to person.

So, it is YOU who will make something to promise you to deliver what you expect. It is your passion, your efforts, your smartness and your persistence that will ensure your growth, not just the course.

Some of the careers we do think as, not worth of our efforts, other people take those careers to another level or those careers bring the stars out of other people.

It is our perspective what matters all.

All the best

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