What are examples of public health? - Answer - Health, public health - nkonsonimages


What are examples of public health? - Answer - Health, public health - nkonsonimages

What are examples of public health?

Public health covers a wide range of activities, some of which we often don’t even think of as medical, such as monitoring our municipal water supplies and making sure the sewage treatment plant is working right. Health Departments routinely collect reports on many diseases to recognize outbreaks early. They also inspect restaurants and other food services to prevent food borne illness, as well as offering training programs for food service workers. They often conduct immunization programs and in some areas provide prenatal care and infant clinics. In many areas they are involved in controlling insects that are disease vectors. It is a pretty broad field and John Snow is one of the founders and heroes of the profession.

What is the world's biggest public health crisis?

Some good answers here. I would add antibiotic resistance and antiviral resistance. Particularly with gram-negative bacteria. For some context, you could go back as far as the 1990s and read brilliant journalist Laurie Garrett’s book “The Coming Plague.”

Or more recently, my former colleague (now at UCSD) Steffanie Strathdee’s memoir “The Perfect Predator,” really is hard to put down. Steffanie has a great TED Talk, available on You Tube, that is both deadly serious and light-hearted and loving at the same time. That is pretty tough to be in infectious diseases, a field I have worked in off / on, lately more on, since 1993.

What are some examples of public health epidemics with known causes?

The cause for public health epidemics can be due to bacteria or viruses.

Some examples:

Walkerton. ,Ontario e.coli outbreak. It was caused by the bacteria e.coli 0157:H7 , which is a very dangerous strain of e.coli. The bacteria contaminated the water supply.

Another example can be the 1854 cholera outbreak on Broad street, London. Cholera bacteria contaminated the water supply. How? The Soho district was in a very filthy condition. There was no proper sewage system and cesspools were overflowing. Due to this, the London government decided to dump the waste into the Thames river. As the outbreak ravaged many districts, it soon reached Soho. Physician John snow is the one who investigated this outbreak and shut down the broad street lump (from which people were pumping the contaminated water).

These are all waterborne outbreaks.

There are also foodborne epidemics which can be caused by e.coli. , staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, etc

This can happen due to poor hand hygiene demonstrated by food handlers, and improper temperature control (inadequately cooking food).

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